Selections from
Sydney Spleen
(Giramondo 2021):

New Chronic Logics‘ in Southerly 79.3, 2022

Planned Obsolescences‘ (scroll to page 51) in TEXT, 2021

Left Hanging at the End of the End of the World Campaign‘ (scroll to page 79) in Australian Poetry Anthology Volume 9 2021–2022

An Absolutely Ordinary Poem‘ on Twitter, 1 July 2021

Entanglement‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2021

January 26‘ in Meanjin, 2021

Captain’s Cull‘ in otoliths, 2021

Two Calligrammes‘ in otoliths, 2021

New Phantasmagorics‘ in Visual Verse, January 2021

Spleen 2‘ and ‘Psychogeography‘ in Australian Poetry Journal 10.1, 2020

Sparkling Anxiety‘, winner of the Charles Rischbieth Jury Poetry Prize, in Red Room Poetry, 2020

Beneath the Sparkle‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2020

‘The Housing Bubble’ in Australian Poetry Anthology 8, 2020

New Work Metaphorics‘ in Australian Book Review, November 2020

Spleen 1‘ and ‘33 Fleurs du Mal of Sydney‘ in Minarets, 2020

A Massage from the Vice-Chancellor‘ in Cordite Poetry Review, 2020

Pink Sun‘ in Island Magazine, 2020

King Tide‘, shortlisted for the Newcastle Poetry Prize, later published in Cordite Poetry Review, 2019

The Last Few Budgets in a Nutshell‘ in Australian Poetry Journal 9.1, 2019

27 Materialisations of Sydney Cloud‘ in Island Magazine, 2017, and Best Australian Poems 2017

Selections from
Or, An Autobiography

The Or Tree — Chapter 1‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2017

The Or Tree — Chapter 2‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2017

‘The Or Tree — Chapter 3’ in Rabbit Poetry Journal #20, 2017

The Or Tree — Chapter 5‘ in Southerly Journal, 2019

‘The Or Tree — Chapter 6’ in Rabbit Poetry Journal #30, 2020

Selections from
Where Only the Sky had Hung Before (2019):

Sapphic Birds‘ in The Weekend Australian, 2020, and originally in Southerly Journal, 2017

Often I Am Permutated into a Mermaid‘ in In Your Hand: a poetry collection for isolated times, 2020, and originally in Rabbit Poetry Journal #26

‘All the Skies Above Girls on the Run‘ in Ashbery Mode, edited by Michael Farrell, Tinfish Press, 2019

Three poems , ‘Life Creep’, ‘Bear the Sky’ and ‘Fractoidal’, in otoliths, 2019

‘Life Stream’ in Sick Leave Journal, 2019

Petty Testament‘ in Stilts, 2019

Mangled, or Yet Another Hierarchical Official Oracle‘ in Cordite, 2019

Therefore Wherefore Should One Use The Question Mark‘ in Stilts, 2019

Vague, or I Can’t Explain it Any Other Way‘, shortlisted for the 2019 Woollahra Digital Literary Awards, first published in ‘Tribulations from the Digital Frontier’, Overland Literary Journal, 2018

Argo Notes‘ in Cordite, 2018

Feel Like I’m Somehow Related to Everyone on the Internet‘ in Cordite, 2018

In Memory of My Furlings‘ in Past Simple, 2018

Two poems, ‘[Redacted]’ and ‘Occupy the Sky’, in Ibis House/Subbed In, 2018

Cultivate a New Foot‘ in Australian Poetry Anthology 2018, and in The Lifted Brow, 2016

Apropos of Nothing, I’ in Marrickville Pause, 2018

Memememememememememe‘ in Marrickville Pause, 2018

Or‘ in Plumwood Mountain, 2018

Awks’ in Plumwood Mountain, 2017

Poetry is 99% Water‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2017

The Left Hand of Dankness‘ in Cordite, 2017

‘Deep Cut of The Waste Land, or An Alternative to “Death by Water”‘ in Southerly Journal, 2017

‘All the Skies Above Girls on the Run‘ and ‘And Aesthetic Chills is Their Name’ in Journal of Poetics Research, 2016

Selections from
ILL LIT POP (2018):

Born to Creep‘, originally published as a PDF chapbook illustrated by Catherine Vidler, Stale Objects dePress, 2018

8 poems from ILL LIT POP, including ‘Mixed Modern Love’, in otoliths, 2018

‘Evening of the Bot Man’ in The Clambake: Cuplet Anthology, Puncher & Wattmann, 2018

Torn & Straight Lines‘ in Pink Cover Zine, 2018

Lippy Mirrorball‘ in Southerly Journal, 2018

Sferics‘ in Red Room Poetry, 2018

Mixed Modern Love‘ in Flash Cove, 2018

Thylacine Song‘ in Plumwood Mountain, 2017

Illiterature‘ in Cordite, 1 February 2017

Selections from
The Bloomin’ Notions of Other & Beau (2016):

Five poems and recordings from The Bloomin’ Notions of Other & Beau in ‘States of Poetry’ anthology, Australian Book Review, 2016

After the Orgy‘ in Cordite, 2016, and then in The Brooklyn Rail, 2016

Two poems, ‘After the Orgy’ and ‘Gen Y’, in The Brooklyn Rail, 2016

Villboard‘ in Southerly Journal, 2016

Janus‘, shortlisted for the Peter Porter Poetry Prize in Australian Book Review, May 2015, and in Best Australian Poems 2016

‘Louvres’, ‘Villainesque²’, and ‘In Fancy’ in Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry, Giramondo Publishing/Tuumba Press, 2016

In Fancy‘, Poem of the Week in Australian Book Review, 2016

Four poems, ‘Sits to Reason’, ‘Misty Tour’, ‘Yawny Air’ and ‘Bummer’ in Suburban Review, 2016

Fey‘ in Australian Book Review, 2016

‘Barbed’ in Writing to the Wire, UWAP, 2016

Turn Your Head & Cough‘ in Meanjin, 2015

2 poems with collages, ‘Parōidia’ and ‘Ponce’ in VLAK #5, 2015

Three Inversion of Rimbaud, ‘On Gwass’, ‘A Diva’s Fate’ and ‘Devolutions’ in otoliths, 2015

‘Gah!’ in The Age, 2015

Villainesque²‘ in Cordite, 2015

Vague Bonds‘ in Prelude and Plumwood Mountain, 2015

The Department‘ in Plumwood Mountain, 2015

Metrophobia‘ in Plumwood Mountain, 2015

Aphasia‘ in Plumwood Mountain, 2015

Orb‘ in Cordite, 2015

Flooze‘ in Australian Poetry Journal, 2014

Ten poems‘ in Journal of Poetics Research, 2014

Two poems, ‘Royally’ and ‘Pro Me The Us’, in Communion, 2014

Marooned‘ in Cordite, 2014

Valleys‘ in Best Australian Poems 2013, and in Poem and Dish, 2015

Rock Bottom‘ (or later ‘Bummer’) in Cordite, 2013

‘Missing Scène(s)’ in Australian Poetry Journal 3.2, 2013

Selections from
Jerilderies (2014):

from Jerilderies‘ in otoliths, 2014

‘from Jerilderies‘ in Southerly Journal, 2014

Selections from
Rawshock (2012):

‘Finding H’ in Contemporary Australian Poetry, Puncher & Wattmann, 2016

Rawshock‘ in Meanjin and Drunken Boat, 2012

Oscillations‘, shortlisted for the Peter Porter Poetry Prize, in Australian Book Review, 2012, and then in Poem and Dish, 2015

Sonar‘, in Overland, 2012

‘The Living Daylights’, ‘Dyslexic’, ‘Library Animals’, ‘Blackout’, ‘Spine’ and ‘Fluff’ in Red Room Poetry, 2005-12

nightcap‘ in Black Rider, 2012

La Fée Verte‘ in The Weekend Australian, and then in Best Australian Poems 2012

Fluff‘ in Red Room Poetry, and then in Best Australian Poems 2011

On the Slink‘, highly commended in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition, 2011, and in Poem and Dish, 2015

Parallels‘ in Southerly Journal, 2011, and in Poem and Dish, 2015

Aubade‘ in Meanjin, 2011

Mannequins‘ in FourW, 2011

Emotion Sickness‘ in Snorkel, 2011

Winded on a Trampoline‘ in Visible Ink, 2011

Last Night I Lay Awake‘, winner 3rd place in the Fish Publishing International Poetry Prize, 2010

Beelines‘ in the Paradise Anthology, and highly commended in the Brisbane-Reason Poetry Prize, 2010

Two poems, ‘Narrows’ and ‘Irritations’ in otoliths, 2010

Floe‘ in Meanjin, 2007

The River Seine‘ in Southerly, 2007

Cavernous‘ in Space, 2006

Two poems, ‘sortie’ (later ‘Narrows’) and ‘Inter Alios’, in Literature & Aesthetics, 2005

Reaching Out‘ in UTS Writers’ Anthology, 2005

Selections from
Everyday Static (2010):

Tangents‘, ‘Everyday Static‘, ‘Junction‘ and ‘Dyslexic‘, 2010

Meanwhile‘ in The Sun Herald and Red Room Poetry, 2010, and originally in Meanjin, 2005

Uncollected published poems:

‘Poem on Wind and Trees (in Four Sentences)’, fourW 33, November 2022

Moons‘ in ‘What I’m Reading’, Meanjin blog, 18 November 2021

‘After the Flood’, a translation of Rimbaud’s ‘Après le Déluge’, in Ashbery Mode, edited by Michael Farrell, Tinfish Press, 2019

Alchemical‘, with Kate Middleton, in Cordite, 31 January 2013

Toby Fitch translates Arthur Rimbaud‘ in Mascara Literary Review, 2012

The 15 Great Dog Pisses of Paris‘ in Cordite, 1 August 2012

Coverage‘ in Swamp, 2011

Three poems in Mascara Literary Review, 1 January 2010

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