Podcasts / Readings

Author/Editor #9: Lisa Gorton & Toby Fitch‘ (includes a discussion of Lisa’s editing of Sydney Spleen, plus a reading of poems ‘New Phantasmagorics’ and ‘Stalking the Royals at the Royal Easter Show’), Brisbane Writers Festival, October 2021

Launch of Sydney Spleen‘, 17 September 2021 on Crowdcast and YouTube, with launch speech by Justin Clemens, followed by a reading and discussion

Red Room Poetry Month Linebreak‘ (includes a reading of poems ‘An Absolutely Ordinary Poem’ and ‘New Work Metaphorics’ at 16:08), YouTube, 31 August 2021

Red Room Poetry Fellowship Showcase‘ (includes a reading of the poem ‘Entanglement’ at 34:43), YouTube, 12 August 2021

Meditations in an Emergency‘, Melbourne Writers Festival 2020 appearance with Evelyn Araluen, Ursula Robinson-Shaw and Danny Silva Soberano

ASAL2020 Poetry Reading #2‘, with Michael Farrell, Amelia Dale, a.j. carruthers and Lucy Dougan, at the Association for the Study of Australian Literature Conference, 2020

Poetry Says Podcast: Ep 51. Toby Fitch on Rimbaud’s Bloomin’ Notions‘, with Alice Allan, 2018

Critics on Sydney Spleen:

Ben Hession reviews Sydney Spleen by Toby Fitch‘, Mascara Literary Review, November 2022

Writing Threat and Trauma: Poetic Witnessing to Social Injustice and Crisis‘ by Meera Atkinson (includes an analysis of ‘Dust Red Dawn’ from Sydney Spleen), Cordite Poetry Review, September 2022

Books of the Year: A look back at 2021’s literary highlights‘, (see John Kinsella) Australian Book Review, December 2021

A creepy little walk: Toby Fitch’s lyricism and versatility‘ by Pam Brown, Australian Book Review, September 2021

Justin Clemens Launch Speech for Sydney Spleen‘, 17 September 2021 on Crowdcast

Warnings, consequences and laments‘, a review of new books by Toby Fitch, Maria Takolander and Tony Birch by John Kinsella, The Weekend Australian, 28 August 2021

Toby Fitch’s Sydney Spleen‘ by Jonathan Shaw, Me Fail? I Fly, 16 August 2021

Journal Blitz 4‘ by Jonathon Shaw, analysing ‘The Last Few Budgets in a Nutshell’, Me Fail? I Fly, 2019

Critics on Where Only the Sky had Hung Before:

Readymade bird in hand‘ by Sarah Holland-Batt
The Weekend Australian, 18 July 2020

Jeremy George reviews Where Only the Sky had Hung Before
Mascara Literary Review, 19 May 2020

Rebellious Tropes‘: Michael Farrell on Toby Fitch
Sydney Review of Books, 11 May 2020

Never Be Alone Again: Hip-Hop Sampling as a Technique in Contemporary Australian Poetry‘ by Liam Ferney
Cordite Poetry Review, 1 May 2020

Helen Moore reviews Where Only the Sky had Hung Before
Other Terrain Journal, 1 December 2019

December in Poetry‘ by Mitchell Welch
Overland Literary Journal, 29 November 2019

Experimental poets push the boundaries with pleasing results‘ by Broede Carmody
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 November 2019

Lisa Gorton Launch Speech
The Alderman, East Brunswick, Melbourne, 15 November 2019

Pam Brown Launch Speech for 3 Vagabond Press books
Knox St Bar, Chippendale, Sydney, 13 July 2019

Critics on Undulating Cloud Sonnet:

Revicules‘ by Colin Leemarshall, p. 119
Erotoplasty #3, 2018

Critics on The Bloomin’ Notion of Other & Beau:

The Lives of the Experimenting Poets 16-18‘ by a.j. carruthers, Jacket2, 2017

Transcending the Conventions: Australian Poetry’ by Michelle Cahill
The Weekend Australian, 13 August 2016

Erin Thornback Reviews Chris Edwards and Toby Fitch
Cordite Poetry Review, 19 July 2016

Nova Brown Longhurst reviews The Bloomin’ Notions of Other & Beau,
Rabbit Poetry Journal #22, 2017

Critics on Jerilderies:

Liam Ferney reviews Vagabond Press’ deciBels series 1 Ed. Pam Brown
Rabbit Poetry Journal #15, 2015

Critics on Rawshock:

Fiona Hile reviews Rawshock
Mascara Literary Review, 29 May 2013

Nicola Themistes reviews Rawshock
Cordite Poetry Review, 4 April 2013

Alison Clifton reviews Rawshock
Australian Poetry Journal 3.2, 2013

Peter Kenneally reviews Rawshock
Australian Book Review, October 2012

Geoff Page reviews Rawshock
The Weekend Australian, 18 August 2012

Gig Ryan Launch Speech
The Alderman, East Brunswick, Melbourne, May 2012

David Brooks Launch Speech
Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills, Sydney, 22 April 2012

Critics on Everyday Static:

Ashley Capes reviews Everyday Static 
Mascara Literary Review, 2012

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